Mental Resilience for the Modern Workplace

We help teams to improve their mental resilience by equipping them with practical skills to manage thoughts and emotions.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from SMEs to Global Brands, across all sectors.

Challenges Facing Organisations

Challenge 1
Modern conditions are increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The speed and scale of social and technological change in our environment is outpacing our evolved capacity to handle it.
Challenge 2
Most of us were never taught effective coping strategies; therefore, as adults, we often deal with stress using unsustainable, and even maladaptive, methods.
This is driving a growing workplace mental health crisis.

The Solution

A Mental Resilience toolkit of twelve practical techniques to manage thoughts and emotions, supported by the latest research in psychology and neuroscience.

Training Options

We teach Mixed Mental Arts™ to groups of all sizes via
talks, half-day workshops and six-week lunchtime courses.

Introductory Talk

Perfect for a Lunch & Learn, our introductory seminar is ideal for organisations who are curious about mental resilience and want to get a sense of our content, style and approach.

Half-Day Workshop

Our half-day session covers the foundations of Mental Resilience and Mixed Mental Arts, equipping staff with four techniques to manage their thoughts and emotions.

Lunchtime Course

Six lunchtime sessions, delivered over six weeks, will equip staff with twelve techniques that will transform how they cope with change and adversity.

Experts by Experience

All our Mixed Mental Arts™ trainers have a lived experience of recovering from a mental health problem.




Social Impact is at the heart of our business model. We use income generated from our work with organisations to offer our training to disadvantaged and hard-to-reach groups in society, including the professionals who support them.
Tough Cookie was recently named
‘SME Business Champion for Wellness’
by Knowledgepool, Europe’s largest provider of corporate Learning & Development, as part of its ‘genius suppliers’ programme.

Mixed Mental Arts
& Virtual Reality

We have partnered with Oculus Rift to create Mindhaven, a collaboration exploring the intersection of mental training and virtual reality, with a view to explore how Mental Resilience training can be delivered in the virtual space.

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