Our Mental Resilience is our ability to cope with change and adversity in a way that is skillful and sustainable
Most of us were never taught the cognitive, emotional or relational skills that are required to build deep mental resilience

Mixed Mental Arts™ was designed to meet this profoundly urgent need

1. Breaking Our Addiction to thought

"...And it is an addiction! What do I do when my work-life balance is getting decimated because I can’t stop compulsively thinking about work? Not being able to stop thinking is a terrible affliction. But there's a simple tool to reclaim your capacity to choose what your mind does..."

2. Hacking the Body's stress response

"What do I do when my heart is racing, blood is surging to my arms and legs, telling me to run and hide… But I can’t, because I’m giving a Powerpoint presentation. Unfortunately the primal parts of our brain that govern my anxiety do not speak English, so we must communicate with them in other ways."

3. Neutralising unhelpful thought patterns

"What do I do when I’m experiencing intrusive thoughts that I really would rather weren’t there? When they are impacting my life in an unhelpful way? When they just *won’t* disappear…? Understanding how to manage our relationship to them is the key to reducing their power."

4. Navigating overwhelming experiences

"How do I navigate intense emotional reactions in my body? How do I learn to regulate myself so that they don’t make me make decisions that are unhelpful for me, or even jeopardise relationships or the outcome of crucial conversations? Let’s turn up the heat and prove to ourselves how this is possible..."

5. Relearning Relaxation

"Most people realise that what happens in the mind is mirrored in the body. But it’s a two-way relationship: what happens in body is mirrored in the mind. The most powerful way to calm the mind is to truly, deeply relax the body. But how do I actually do that without having to rely on a masseuse or a spa?"

6. reclaiming emotional autonomy

"Positive emotional states can be used to help counter-balance the more difficult ones. How do I self-generate these - without relying on booze, carbs and smartphones or my partner - so I have them when I’m standing right in the fire? And what have monks in MRI machines got to do with it?!"

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