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Mixed Mental Arts

Mixed Mental Arts
Teaching the oldest skills in the newest ways.
Mixed Mental Arts (MMA) is toolbox of practical techniques that builds our capacity to cope with adversity in a way that is skillful and sustainable.
Tough Cookie Workshop at Poplar Union
MMA is a tool based approach, grounded in the time-tested insights and techniques of the eastern wisdom traditions and supported by the latest research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience
We need techniques that help us hack our stress response and sooth our nervous system before it passes the ‘fight/flight/freeze’ tipping point.
We need to see for ourselves how emotions filter our perception, create bias and affect our relationships. We need to know techniques to reduce the duration and intensity of negative emotions and self-induce positive ones.
We need to develop a sensitivity to ourselves in order to map & track our physical & emotional state, identify our needs and take the action required before things snowball. We also need to break our addiction to overthinking.
We have spent years figuring out how to package complex idea’s in a simple, fun and fast paced way.
“As others have, I would encourage organisations to engage with Michael and the Tough Cookie team and take on-board the lessons with a view to implementing their new approach to the benefit of all.”
Lawrence Webb
Group SHE Strategy Director