Mixed Mental Arts

Mixed Mental Arts & Mental Resilience

Mental Resilience is our ability to cope with the challenges of life in a way that is skilful and sustainable. The single most important building block of mental resilience is skills to manage thoughts and emotions, yet most adults have never been taught best practise in doing so.
We developed Mixed Mental Arts™ to meet this need.
Mixed Mental Arts™ is a toolkit of twelve practical techniques to manage thoughts and emotions, supported by the latest research in psychology and neuroscience.

Mixed Mental Arts™ modules include:

Breaking our Addiction to Thought

Hacking Our Body’s Stress Response
Neutralising Unhelpful Thought Patterns
Navigating Overwhelming Experiences
Re-Learning Relaxation

Reclaiming Emotional Autonomy

How We Deliver

Mixed Mental Arts

Introductory Talk

Perfect for a Lunch & Learn, our introductory seminar is ideal for organisations who are curious about mental resilience and want to get a sense of our content, style and approach.

Half-Day Workshop

Our half-day session covers the foundations of Mental Resilience and Mixed Mental Arts, equipping staff with four techniques to manage their thoughts and emotions.

Lunchtime Course

Six lunchtime sessions, delivered over six weeks, will equip staff with twelve techniques that will transform how they cope with change and adversity.