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Raise Your Resilience

Mental Toughness

Why Mental Toughness?
Resilience is a personal and organisational survival trait
Resilience is our ability to respond to adversity in a way that is skilful and sustainable. Resilience is not a ‘concrete character trait’, nor is it something you are ‘born with’ or fixed in your formative years.
Resilience is actually a learnt skill and it can be taught to anyone at any stage in their life.
Booze, Carbs & Smartphones
Whether its numbing or distraction, these are some of the most popular ways we cope with our stress. The issue is that these coping mechanisms also have a shelf life.
These activities reduce stress & negative emotion in the short term, but their effectiveness is actually diminishing every time they’re used. If no alternative coping mechanisms are found, the eventual outcome can be chronic stress, overwhelm and burnout.
What we need are coping mechanisms that are sustainable across time and increase in their effectiveness every time they are used.
We developed Mixed Mental Arts to meet this vital need.