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Lunchtime Sessions

Mixed Mental Arts
Lunchtime Sessions
There is so much competition for our attention, it’s easy to forget about our resilience. Having regular and dedicated sessions to practise MMA techniques helps us to remember, reprioritise & refine.
Lunchtime Drop-ins Have 3 Main Goals:
Stop, Relax & Reset
The key to resilience is factoring in recovery time.
Tuning In & Mapping
Assessing our state and identifying needs encourages self awareness & better choices.
Growing the Toolkit
Developing expertise in applying the techniques
Going for one jog doesn’t make you fit
Achieving Peak physical fitness takes Practise, routine and guidance. It’s exactly the same with building mental toughness. Lunchtime sessions provide your staff with practice, routine and guidance.
“The Drop-in’s not only helped me integrate resilience tools into my life but I have also made new connections with colleagues at work. I honestly Couldn’t recommend Tough Cookie more highly!”
Felipe Coirolo
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