Tough Cookie

Raise Your Resilience

Introductory Talk

Introduction to Mental Toughness
A TED style talk designed and refined over a number of years to inspire staff to begin their personal resilience journey.
Introductory Talk
Prepare to be
Nuked by Science
No wishy washy airy fairy stuff here. Our theory of resilience is grounded in the most pioneering research & bullet-proof evidence.
Surprised & Intrigued
Have your mind gently blown through a series of practical experiments designed to show you the nature of the mind.
Hungry for More
We are yet to give a talk where the client has not asked us back. It’s purpose is to inspire curiosity and motivation to discover more.
“Amazing introduction into resilience – made a vast topic seem simple to understand whilst making us question ourselves. Such interesting and engaging content which has left us all thinking – Highly recommend!”
Nicola Willox
HR Advisor
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Perfect for mental health & wellbeing days & events.