Tough Cookie

Raise Your Resilience

Half Day Session

Half Day Session
Our Half Day session covers everything a human needs to know to start practising Mixed Mental Arts and kick-start their personal resilience journey.
The Modules
The Mind
A crash course in the nature of the Mind, resilience, adversity and why most of our coping mechanisms have a shelf life.
An exploration of human biology and how to intervene skillfully in our stress response.

Understanding what emotions are, how they create bias, filter perception and what we can do to regulate them more effectively.

The full lowdown on what mindfulness actually is (and isn’t!) and how to cultivate this essential skill.
“I really enjoyed the half-day session and felt I got so much out of it! I now have tools that will be very useful in the future if I ever get stressed or anxious”
Maria O’Brian
Corporate Services Officer
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